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Posted by Kaynil – February 22, 2016
I am sure you have seen it. Today has been full of touching images for the anniversary.

The Legend of Zelda started out in the NES, it is a very simple game when compared to what has become but it is still beloved and good to hold its ground within the console even up to this day. The Legend of Zelda was in its time pioneer in many things we take for granted, like cartridges with battery to save your progress. A game that you had to take your time to explore instead of just pumping through levels like the arcade games were used to. You had to actually think. Skill alone wouldn't save you. Hyrule was filled with puzzles. You needed to take your time. The music was excellent and many people spent many hours playing the quest and discovering a harder quest available. Today it is easy to minimize just how much modern gaming owns to The Legend of Zelda. At the time it was released there was no way to know how would this game be received, much less that it was going to spawn a long legacy.

Every Zelda game that was released after it has added something unique, while the game keeps some elements through most of the series it has not been afraid to challenge opinions and paradigms. Different Links have gone through many different adventures and lands, getting to know in the way many unique and memorable characters as well as to wield different weapons.

We have grown with different games and today we find ourselves eagerly waiting to return to its land in the new Zelda U. We have a new hero from which we know very little, but it is time to trust he'd guide us back where we want to be. No matter what evil is arising we know we will prevail!

Thank you Nintendo and Happy Birthday The Legend of Zelda!
Posted by Kaynil – June 11, 2015
Hello, everybody. I'm Kaynil and I am here to bring you some updates. I have merged my Spanish Community (La Leyenda de Hyrule) with Zelda Cavern so you will see me around for the years to come. Link and I have joined forces and will bring you Zelda Cavern in two languages.

Speaking of which: Now we have forums!
You can find the link in the menu to your left.

One of my goals is to make sure its main dish is Zelda discussion. So you will find something for you, whether you come looking for a quick discussion on your favourite game or you were looking to engage in more in-depth discussions. That said, we have plenty of room to talk about other topics.

So while we work on the site, why don't you meet our community? Please feel free to leave here or in the forums your concerns, ideas, suggestions, feedback. I'll be very happy to hear from you.

Thank you!
Posted by Link – September 14, 2013
Zelda Cavern is getting closer and closer to the relaunch. More content is being added on the daily. If anyone wishes to help all they need to do is email me at We are motivated to get this done as soon as possible. Bear with us and we hope you like the site once its done.