Zelda Community
Once again PokeCavern will offer hosting to a few people.

Disk Space Quota - 1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth - 10 GB
*These values can be added to or reduced per your request*
Addon Domains - 2
POP Email Accounts - 20
MySQL Databases - Unlimited
24/7 Live Support
E-mail Aliasing
E-mail Auto Responder
Web-based or Computer-based FTP Program
Web-based Control Panel
Password Protect Directories
Tons of addon scripts for you to use.
Your own * subdomain.

The hosting I offer:
you will have a real login name and password
a real subdomain where you have full access to manage your own subdomains, emails, mysql databases, addon scripts, addon domains anything!! and you dont need to contact me to do it.
A privacy enabled webspace. Only access i will get. is what you will give me.
And the good news is...Its completely free. Im not asking for a Hosted by: PokeCavern button, and im not displaying ads, if you have a host that makes you display that crap, he isnt giving you a free server, hes trying to get money for himself.


If you wish to sign up for our hosting email me at webmaster[at] - Please include:
Your login name.
A password you wish to use(you can change it so just give me a temporary password.)
A subdomain
And show me your website if you have one